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There she was walking, alone with a smile,
Clad in colors, both red and white,
It had been a while, she’d walked over a mile,
Then a distance yonder, she caught his sight;
Her heartbeat now faster, faster than his bike,

The ex- boyfriend- he thought, “I’ll show her what it’s like!”
For, some days ago, she’d broken his heart,
But reasons were there, they had to be apart.
Yet he was thoughtless, despised her smile,
And the bottle of acid, painfully vile,
All emptied on her face, not a drop that remained,
And the sinner’s remorse fulfilled, much happiness he gained!

Her face now a mess, she resents nothing yet,
for resentful are those, the bitter ones that sin,
but, she is an angel, she only resents hate,
So just sits there crying through the pain she is in!
And moments later, as they put her in a van,
I thought, “I did what I could,”
Shed tears of shame, and just helplessly stood!

Days passed; I met her again,
Astonished at the fact,
That she made it through the pain;
Still beautiful she seemed- perplexingly so,
With an unblemished spirit and an undying glow!
So I went a little closer; “you’re beautiful!” I told,
Like the falling of snow, beautiful yet cold!

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