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Am I Still Beautiful? | Eureka | Poetry Competition | Shubhika Baral |

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Just before my 16th birthday,
He proposed,
I rejected.
His face changed from white to red,
Got onto his bike and left.
I didn’t care and went back to bed.
The bright sunshine woke me up on the most awaited day,
My 16th birthday !!

To visit grandma that day,
I went my way.
I felt uneasy and strange,
The hair on my neck stood straight.
The very guy I met yesterday was right there.
And suddenly I couldn’t move,
His friend caught me.
So tightly I could barely move.
I could see no one to ask for help.
And soon was spread with some great dreed
They pushed me so hard, I fell
They ran, I fell
A ball of fire burnt my face.
The liquid quickly seeped into my fate
I shouted,
I cried,
I screamed,
The liquid also burnt my self-esteem.
Never did I ever look at the mirrors again.
The sun rays that held warmth now pierced through my skin like a knife,
Leaving me beavered in memory of my old self.
The pain that I felt didn’t fade away.
I lost hope,
I cried all day,
I forgot to smile,
The days seemed dark and gloomy,
The sun never seemed to shine.
For rejection had come at a price.
It’s been 2 years now,
My face hasn’t recovered yet.
“Monster”, “Evil”, “Ugly” is what they say
But my mother made me realize that my heart is still the same
And that demon can’t just steal my passion away.
He burnt my face,
Not my heart anyway.

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  1. Samragyi

    Woohoo subu that’s amazing keep it up ani come with the new one soon….❤

  2. Shreya

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful! Loved it. Keep it coming❗❗

  3. Monika Koirala

    Awesome 👏

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