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Alluring Space Images Of 2020 — Christmas Star, Sun And More

Astrophotography drives many amateur teens and space enthusiasts to explore the vast heavens (celestial bodies). Surprisingly, astrophotography has gained a lot of attention even though it requires good knowledge of simulation — long time exposure. Space images that we get to see on the internet (via space agencies) are mostly artistic illustrations developed by quite professionals manpower following the highest degree of accuracy as the space is full of dust. Stellar photography makes significant contributions to the study of cosmology and Astrophysics. Chile’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), the Hubble Space Telescope, and several other Solar Orbiter have been an indispensable resource for astrophotographers. 2020 marked Hubble’s 30th anniversary in space. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, 2020 has been incredibly one of the major years for astronomical events like; the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn — also known as Christmas star, the first-ever spectacular and clear image of the sun, and many more else.


Some Satisfying Reasons Why One Should Quit Social Media in 2021 | Kuldeep Keshari |

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Well, well, well! It’s already the end of the year, 2020, the one which showed us horrible things- things that would haunt us for the rest of our lives. Whatever happened, that cannot be undone. Assuming that all among us must have set new and motivating goals for the new year, I’ve too set a goal for the year 2021.

And guess what? I’ve decided to quit social media for the entire year. Coming to this hard and very difficult decision was such a Herculean task for me. It took me so much effort while digging in the reasons why one should quit social media- all together for good.

Here are some reasons why you should, too, abstain yourselves from social media – the world that is nothing but just an illusion.

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