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Fight Sexism

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A night enlightened by moonbeams witnessed the conversation of students from two girls houses. The trees, flowers and watery tiny ponds seem to smile on the moonlit night. The aestheticity is unspeakable.
I have a complaint letter in my hand that was meant to be exposed to the administration ages back from 4000E girls.
It was the time when people were talking about how they were treated, how the past 5 years would have been the best 5 years of our life if we never lacked communication. Well not tryna be too pessimistic;somehow we all have the same story.
Everyone’s eyes told something, something traumatizing. Everything was so dark and unilluminated behind the happy faces of girls studying novels instead of going out and play.
The question arises, what did we all face?
We were always told about the quality of education and this residential school is a good place. But why didn’t anyone tell us about the monsters living among us? Why didn’t you tell us that our male batchmates will have to follow different rules and have facilities unlike us? Why didn’t you tell us that we will be stared if we wear shorts (which is a part of our P.E uniform or we will always have to hide our sports bra straps with white shawl? Why?

Too much of silence. Too much disgust. Too much suppression.
Why would anyone dare to talk about practicing sports in middle pitch? It is owned by boys, right? Why do school pitches seem out of bound for girls? Why are we always told by the hpe department, “You are a girl you cannot play football”, “You are a girl you should not play with boys”, “girls cannot have a football team”.

Facts That No One Told You

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01. Vaginal fart

★ A girl can have vaginal farts or vaginal flatulence or vaginal gas or “queefing,” which is just the release of air trapped inside the vagina. It can vary considering a woman’s age, sexual activeness, sweat, feminine hygiene products, tense muscles, etc. Vaginal fart may or may not produce sound. It’s a fairly common phenomenon for anyone with a vagina, at any age. Even our nose farts.

02. Penile fracture

★ A man’s penis can be fractured. It is called a penile fracture. A penis fracture differs from other fractures in our body part because the penis has no bones. It is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. Penile fracture is very very rare.

03. Cat’s roar

★ Cheetahs can’t roar. They can only meow like domestic cats. There are 38 species of cats on this planet. Most of them are relatively small. Big cats like lions, tigers, leopard, and jaguars can roar because these species belong to the Panthera genus and have a ligament in their voice box that can be stretched to create a larger sound-producing passage resulting wider range of pitch. The lion’s roar is the most famous and can be heard up to five miles away.

04. Ten percent brain myth

★ It is a myth that humans only use 10% of their brains. We’re even using more than 10 percent when we sleep. We use virtually every part of our brain. The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy and contributes to three percent of the total body weight.

05. More than five senses

★ Human beings are not just limited to five sense: Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hear. We have more than five senses.

06. Pink milk

★ Hippopotamus milk is bright pink in color. This is a popular myth about animals belonging to a group of mammals. Hippos produce white or off-white milk (like all mammals). Hippopotamus produces two secretions: one red (hipposudoric acid) and one orange (norhipposudoric acid). Hippos have no actual sweat glands, but they do have mucus glands, which release an oily secretion frequently referred to as blood sweat. There are two distinct pigments in the secretion: one red (hipposudoric acid) and one orange (norhipposudoric acid). When this secretion first appears, it is colorless. Under the sun, it turns reddish-orange in minutes and then later turns brown. However, it is neither blood nor sweat. Blood sweat not only serves as a natural form of sunscreen and moisturizer for the animal’s sensitive skin but also offers tremendous antibiotic properties to protect hippos from harmful bacteria when they’re in the water.

In theory, when the hipposudoric acid (red) mixes with the milk (white), it produces a pink solution. But there is actually no evidence to suggest that this ever happens.

07. Relativity and Einstein

★ Einstein wasn’t the first to coin the term relativity. Galileo Galilei and Sir Issac Newton first gave the concept of classical relativity. Now the word Einstein is synonymous with genius.

— Sudip Karn

Top Ten Poems Of Eureka | ποίηση Κομπετίτιον | Voting Starts Now |

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The top ten poems of Eureka – ποίηση Κομπετίτιον have been selected. Huge congratulations to all the top ten contestants. Huge appreciation to all the participants.The selection was done on the basis of the total number of shares, views, and internal judges’ scores.
1. A TALE OF TRAGEDY | Upahar Simkhada |
2. FALLEN VERDICT | Anesh Maharjan |
5. AM I STILL BEAUTIFUL? | Shubhika Baral |
6. THANK YOU, MY SOUL | Radhika Halan |
8. HUMANITY | Biyush Suwal |
9. VOICE OF AN ORPHAN | Babeeta Kafle |
10. A MOMENT OF MY CHILDHOOD | Prichha Giri |

“Eureka” – is an open-category and open-for all online English Poetry Competition organized by Nepthage, a recently launched website for young Nepali Amateur Writers in collaboration with Lokopakar, an organization for youths development, and BVS, a Kathmandu based educational institute. Note


Now it’s the time for the real battle to kick in. The top three poems will be selected on the basis of internal judge’s marks, social media engagement , and total readership on the website and the number of votes done digitally.

Eureka’s Recital Playlist

A Need To Make Nepalese Media Literate Enough

Think about the media you invested your time in today. What kinds of content were you observing and how did you get to it? Did you grasp the essence of those messages? Were you mindful that each message was created by somebody with their vested objectives and sentiments? Was the report factual? Was there enough content and foundation data? You might have never thought of these five key questions while using media.

Media literacy alludes to residents with their competencies and capabilities to connect effectively and mindfully with media and data. It is a capacity to recognize various kinds of media and comprehend the messages they’re sending. It resembles an eye medical procedure which causes us to see everything in a clear and better way. It is a significant prerequisite for cultivating impartial access to data and information and advancing free, autonomous and pluralistic media and data framework. Media proficiency or literacy is the ability to comprehend, break down and critic the media and to genuinely take an interest with messages in print, sound, video and web talk. As a field of study, media proficiency involves and covers various speculations and subjects from basic reasoning and brain research to etymological and morals in innovation.

So, the main inquiry is the reason to be media proficient. The prevalence and influence of the media make it a fundamental piece of 21st century education.  Billions access the web regularly. The various media; radio, television, print, film and cyberspace bombard billions of individuals every day with data and amusement. The media cycle never stops. Its scope goes beyond National outskirts operating 24/7. The intensity of media proficiency is its capacity to rouse free reasoning, foster basic examination and settle on shrewd decisions. Students become progressively mindful, have better navigational abilities, dissect the substance and concentrate what is applicable only when they are media literate. Media proficiency upgrades democracy. It raises the limit of residents to participate in public life on another level, giving information exchange. They can convey their thoughts and connect genuinely in democratic debate. Media education adds to the improvement of the quality to discourse on public policy and issues. Without media literacy, the public won’t hold media associations to the objectives of journalism which is to give applicable news that have citizens evaluate the Government and other institutions of power.

Media literacy is a part of curriculum in numerous nations. However, it is not the case with regards to Nepal. Nobody even bothers to discuss ‘media proficiency’. A large portion of the population here doesn’t have the foggiest idea what media proficiency is all about. They, in general, believe everything that they hear and see on Medias. We are very familiar with how our folks in general accept all the news they see on Whatsapp and Facebook.  There have been instances that we can observe to prove that media literacy is a fundamental component of this society. Yellow journalism, hoax news and misleading titles are some problems to name a few. I want to give an example of my own sister to highlight absence of media proficiency. While she was using Google chrome an unapproved interface sprung up which said” Try your luck to win iPhone11 by spinning the wheel.” As soon as she did so a congratulations message showed up. Then she was approached to fill her personal data which was absolutely extortion and done to gather data of individuals. For another occurrence, we Nepalese have often come across some exaggerated news headlines which later seem to be just hoax news. This is where we Nepalese lack. We have no legitimate information on media education and this issue must be addressed intensely by the government.

Media education will assist us Nepalese in examining the substance of media messages that we exchange. It will further underpin us to get to and find appropriate media and data sources. It additionally encourages us to utilize and get media and data so as to apply it to everyday life. Besides, it benefits us to evaluate credibility, precision and objectivity of sources. It guides us to understand how data are created and increasingly over perceive request and guard quality media and data sources. The motivation behind being media educated is to take part in a computerized society; one should have the option to utilize, comprehend, ask, make, impart and think basically. It is critical to have the limit of viably get to, compose, dissect, assess, and make messages in an assortment of structures. It advances consciousness among Nepalese relating to media impact and makes us stand towards both consuming and creating media.

As such each Nepalese need media education aptitudes. It is the duty of Press Council to pay attention to this issue and define various designs to be mindful of all the Nepalese including every aged group about media proficiency and how all that we go over in the media may not be valid and might be transferred by frauds to trick us. In addition, Ministry of education must take initiatives to include media literacy in the curriculum as understudies are the eventual fate of the country and must have information on this issue. We individuals, who have the information on media proficiency can likewise work in gatherings and organize awareness programs to aware individuals about this significant matter. We can all advocate for media proficiency education with instructors, heads, guardians, curator and government. On the off chance that everyone of us makes an act of utilizing the 5 key inquiries for media education in the entirety of our exercises and with individuals we encounter, we as a whole can draw nearer to the more positive and all around educated build commitment that we need and merit.

— Shubhika Baral

Best Budget Phones In Nepal

There has been a high demand for midrange phones is 2020. The most looked price of phones on the web is under 30K NRS. Because of the high demand for such phones, we have selected the best budget phones for 2020. The phones having the best performance, processor, speed, endurance, decent sets of features, and crisp display are gonna be illustrated below.

Alright, now let’s get started with some of the basic and most common criteria for mobile phones. For this amount, you will be expecting to get a good phone – one with great cameras, processor, latest OS, RAM, endurability.

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