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7 Books For Fruitful Productivity In Every Aspect of life.

Have you ever been to the circumstances where you perceive your life to be completely useless? Where you neither have good knowledge of science nor of entrepreneurialism or spiritualism and not even of healthy diets and lifestyle. Where you crave for the meaning of life, misery, and many more else for all day long, all night long — restlessness is the new mindest now. If you are in such a vacuous phase of your life, then you are in right place. It has been said that all the great leaders are avid readers. Here are the 7 books to blossom and flourish your life to develop an entrepreneurial view, strong scientific knowledge, and a practical form of religion (meditations) as well.

What Happens On The Internet In Just A Minute | Sudip Karn |

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Internet, the network of networks that connects the entire world. Wikipedia describes a netizen as an individual who actively seeks to contribute to the development of the Internet or otherwise they are lurkers.

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