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Five Question With Basil Rai

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Basil Rai

Basil Rai is an emerging Nepali Musician, Composer, SongWriter and a Producer. Entering the music realm via his Team (Trio) song ‘Tarah Maya Cha on April 25, 2020, Rai has garnered appreciation from the audience . He is also the active founding member of the Band Ace Of Spade,Sikkim. Recently AOS released their first EP Never Give Up on Music Streaming Sites.

 In conversation with Nepali Sansar, Rai answered five interesting question. Here’s what he answered:

How would you consider your music Genre?

Indie because this genre is very open and it is continuously evolving as we make new music and also I Love to hear Progressive and Alternative Music and I play with my band too. 

How many songs have you released till date?

Tarah Maya Cha, Nasakney Maya are from Trio and has been released world wide.Never Give Up too its available on Music Streaming Sites.Personally, I haven’t released any songs so far but I’ll be releasing my first original song Sansar Ma soon.

When are you planning to release Your song “Sansar Ma”?

I’ll be releasing next month I guess 2nd week of October,2020 till then stay tuned.

Keyboard or guitar”, choose one?

Both have same notes. I can’t just choose one. Choosing the right instrument depends on the song
What’s your favorite Band? There are so many to mention but I’ll try to restrain myself Bipolar Shadows, Prayogsala, Dream Catchers, Black Sheep and many more.

 Is there anything you would like to say to your supporters?

I want to thank everyone for their support and I encourage them to continue staying active It is an exciting period in the Nepali music that its slowly realizing the ever-present popotential

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Prashansha KC-An Emerging Nepali YouTuber and A Social Activist

Prashansha KC

Originally born in Rukum, Prashansha KC spent her childhood playing in the meadow and river of Machhimi Village. Her life took a turn when her 15 years old friend had a miscarriage due to early pregnancy cause by Child marriage. Now an activist, Youtuber, and Filmmaker, KC started her journey from Rukum.  

Being born in Rukum, the only language she was familiar with and well versed in was Rukumeli. When she moved to Kathmandu for better opportunities and education services, her family had to forsake everything dear to them. They had to forsake their family, their property, their friends, and all. Thus, it wasn’t easy for Miss KC to adapt to the new ubiquitous society. To her, it felt as if she had taken a huge leap out of the well that she had been
living in.

As a kid, she was really joyous and playful. It so happened that when
she moved from Rukum to Kathmandu, she had to face lingual communication problems. She didn’t understand English at all. She flunked in most of her subjects since they were all taught in English.

She was so disheartened by this initially, but, then later, she made up
her mind to get better at English. She would watch YouTube videos,
movies with no subtitles, tv series, documentaries, and all. And, eventually,
she started getting better at English. However, she couldn’t talk in
English fluently.

With lots of trials and errors, she definitely learned to speak English,
too. But, she couldn’t grasp the accent. Because she watched most of the
videos on YouTube – she developed a mixture of different accents spoken around the world – American, British, African-American, European.
Due to this very reason, her friends would tease her up, mock her, and
make fun of her accent. They labeled her accent as an “Exaggerated-Fake
Accent”. Like any other 12-year-old kid, she used to get disheartened by
this. But, she didn’t give up. She improved her accent and started
reading books, too. She developed a good command of her English.

She started participating in competitions – poetry, drama, story-writing, and many more alike. She won many poetry competitions during her school days. When she joined UniGlobe College, Kathmandu, she had participated and won in a national level poetry writing competition.

She developed up a taste for making YouTube videos in grade 8. She would
make video blogs – VLOGS and upload it on her YouTube Channel.
Initially, she didn’t have many audiences but, she had somehow managed
to get 500 subscribers, which, at her age, was a really cool thing.

One day, she decided to make a vlog about ‘Laphing’.She would go to stall
from stall and have ‘Laping’ and make comments on each ‘Laphing’
sellers about the taste. And concluded the video with the best ‘Laphing’
in town. This video garnered lots of attention. I mean, who wouldn’t
wanna try out the best ‘Laphing’ in the town ? This incident motivated
her a lot more. And this is how her career as a YouTuber began.

Her YouTube channel has a total of 45 videos with astounding 21.1K
subscribers which have been successful to garner almost about 2million
total views. The very first video that she’d uploaded on her YouTube
channel was named “Project To Eradicate Kidnap Marriage and Child
, a documentary, which talks about the mission of eradicating
the Kidnap Marriage and Child Marriage, mainly prevalent and deep-rooted in Rukum.

Apart from making videos related to food-eating-challenges and food
reviews, she also films and uploads documentaries and stories related to our
social mishaps. She also has a youtube video uploaded which tells about
how anyone could get started with their own YouTube channel.
Her videos are fun and amusing to watch. Moreover, the documentaries
she’s uploaded are so informative and inspirational, too. The videos are
so cinematic and catchy to the eyes. One would never get tired of
watching her videos.

She’s also a social activist. She has been actively participating and serving in social works and Women-Empowering activities since long ago.
To know more about her social works, click here.

Personally, she’s such a sweet and adorable person. She’s an inspiration
for all the Nepalese, mostly girls. The contributions she’s made in the
field of social works and women empowerment are applaudable. She is
kind, amiable, humble, and a very talented person.

— Kuldeep Keshari


Madhav Bhusal – An Emerging Icon of Medical Aspirants

Madhav Bhusal

Born in Butwal, one of the major cities of Nepal, Madhav Bhusal was a brilliant student early from his beginning. He was a bright kid; need not to mention he was a topper guy since his childhood though he refuses to be called so. He is a Faculty at NAME Nursing Plus, an instructor/teacher at Butwal Pre-Medical & Pre-Engineering Institute, and an Author cum Editor at Nirvana Publication. He has done a Bachelor of Science (Physics Major) from Tri-Chandra College (TU) Kathmandu and has been pursuing MBBS at Devdaha Medical College & Research Institute.

Early Life

As said earlier, Madhav was a brilliant child early from the beginning. As the old Nepali Proverb goes by, “Huni biruwa ko chillo paat, na huni biruwa ko khasro paat”, he was a keen learner, passionate and intelligent since his childhood. He was playful, too. He maintained a good relationship with his colleagues and friends. He was the apple to the eyes of his teachers. He was a great team player. He has always been giving leadership in whatever work he chooses to do. He went to Little Star Boarding High School, Rupandehi. He studied in scholarship during his schooling period.

Kovid Raj Panthy – A Kathmandu Based Emerging Entrepreneur


Kovid Raj Panthy

Kovid Panthy is a Copywriter, Python Programming Mentor, Consultant, Public Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur. Kovid has helped various different businesses in bringing more conversions in their copies in just couple of months.

He also gives consulting to businesses seeking to increase conversion. He has worked with companies’ big companies like IBM, Drive, and some multi-million-dollar companies like Kelvin Estate, Inc. He has been a speaker at multiple huge international conferences like WordCamp.


Kelsang Shrestha – A Nepal Based Emerging Songwriter And Singer

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Kelsang Shreshtha

Science categorizes intelligence into nine categories like Linguistics intelligence, musical intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, and many more else. It is the musical intelligence that reflects the capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and note. They are vocalist and sensitive listeners.

Meanwhile, Linguistics intelligence offers the ability to play the words in an enchanting manner. Kelsang Shrestha has been blessed with Linguistics as well as musical intelligence. His appealing lyrics and serene voice ensure tranquility, bliss, and joy to one’s body, mind, and soul. 


Kelsang Shrestha is a young and mellifluous Nepalese singer, songwriter, and song composer based in Kathmandu. He has been the YouTube sensation after the release of his single debut “Bijuli Dai” in collaboration with Bajra Creation Records.

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