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Eureka – ποίηση Κομπετίτιον | Top Three Winners |

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The wait is finally over.The results for the top three finalists of the Eureka – ποίηση Κομπετίτιον, organized by Nepthage – Amateur Nepali Writers’ Blog, supported by BVS and Lokopakar is out now.

Top Ten Poems Of Eureka | ποίηση Κομπετίτιον | Voting Starts Now |

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The top ten poems of Eureka – ποίηση Κομπετίτιον have been selected. Huge congratulations to all the top ten contestants. Huge appreciation to all the participants.The selection was done on the basis of the total number of shares, views, and internal judges’ scores.

Karishma Bhusal

The More I Grow | Eureka | Poetry Competition | Karishma Bhusal |

Just with the step ascending, a sort of clarity replacing the mumbling over my tone
Less freed to the high pitch of bouncing toes, makes me feel a Lil bit grown


I am Who Holds Head High | Eureka | Poetry Competition | Sushobhan Chimoriya |

I hold my head high
Before me bows the peaks of Himalayas
Mighty are the cries
Those that hail deafening skies and universes
Traveling eons beyond moons and stars and galaxies
Piercing the earth and heaven
Shaking the throne of Indra
They all sound like mere showtunes to me.

A Tale of Tragedy | Eureka | Poetry Competition | Upahar Simkhada |

There she was walking, alone with a smile,
Clad in colors, both red and white,
It had been a while, she’d walked over a mile,
Then a distance yonder, she caught his sight;
Her heartbeat now faster, faster than his bike,

Milan Thapa

VOICES IN MY HEAD | Eureka | Poetry Competition | Milan Thapa |

Yeah ! I smile .
Sometimes , I genuinely do,
But how can you be happy when your greatest enemy is you?

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