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The Only Person You Need To Change Your Life | Kuldeep Keshari |

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How often have we tried to look for the perfect person in our lives? Every second of our lives, we ponder over thinking about infinitesimal persons. We think about unnecessarily necessary things – things that have no reason to worry about, things that have no reason to wonder and care about.

एम.बि. बि. एस. को लागि कसरी पढ्ने त ? | माधव भुसाल | PART THREE |

३ नं का विद्यार्थिहरु जसको Basics ठिकै भएका अनि राम्रो स्कोर गरेर राम्रो कलेजमा डोनेसनमा पढ्न चहान्छन्।

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