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Some Satisfying Reasons Why One Should Quit Social Media in 2021 | Kuldeep Keshari |

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Well, well, well! It’s already the end of the year, 2020, the one which showed us horrible things- things that would haunt us for the rest of our lives. Whatever happened, that cannot be undone. Assuming that all among us must have set new and motivating goals for the new year, I’ve too set a goal for the year 2021.

And guess what? I’ve decided to quit social media for the entire year. Coming to this hard and very difficult decision was such a Herculean task for me. It took me so much effort while digging in the reasons why one should quit social media- all together for good.

Here are some reasons why you should, too, abstain yourselves from social media – the world that is nothing but just an illusion.

7 Books For Fruitful Productivity In Every Aspect of life.

Have you ever been to the circumstances where you perceive your life to be completely useless? Where you neither have good knowledge of science nor of entrepreneurialism or spiritualism and not even of healthy diets and lifestyle. Where you crave for the meaning of life, misery, and many more else for all day long, all night long — restlessness is the new mindest now. If you are in such a vacuous phase of your life, then you are in right place. It has been said that all the great leaders are avid readers. Here are the 7 books to blossom and flourish your life to develop an entrepreneurial view, strong scientific knowledge, and a practical form of religion (meditations) as well.

Why Doctors In Nepal Need To Watch HOUSE a.k.a House, M.D.

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House M.D.

Have you ever heard about the famous tv show called House M.D?
Prolly, not, yeah?
I’d never ever heard until last year when my elder brother literally forced me to watch the series.

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