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Facts That No One Told You

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01. Vaginal fart

★ A girl can have vaginal farts or vaginal flatulence or vaginal gas or “queefing,” which is just the release of air trapped inside the vagina. It can vary considering a woman’s age, sexual activeness, sweat, feminine hygiene products, tense muscles, etc. Vaginal fart may or may not produce sound. It’s a fairly common phenomenon for anyone with a vagina, at any age. Even our nose farts.

02. Penile fracture

★ A man’s penis can be fractured. It is called a penile fracture. A penis fracture differs from other fractures in our body part because the penis has no bones. It is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. Penile fracture is very very rare.

03. Cat’s roar

★ Cheetahs can’t roar. They can only meow like domestic cats. There are 38 species of cats on this planet. Most of them are relatively small. Big cats like lions, tigers, leopard, and jaguars can roar because these species belong to the Panthera genus and have a ligament in their voice box that can be stretched to create a larger sound-producing passage resulting wider range of pitch. The lion’s roar is the most famous and can be heard up to five miles away.

04. Ten percent brain myth

★ It is a myth that humans only use 10% of their brains. We’re even using more than 10 percent when we sleep. We use virtually every part of our brain. The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy and contributes to three percent of the total body weight.

05. More than five senses

★ Human beings are not just limited to five sense: Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hear. We have more than five senses.

06. Pink milk

★ Hippopotamus milk is bright pink in color. This is a popular myth about animals belonging to a group of mammals. Hippos produce white or off-white milk (like all mammals). Hippopotamus produces two secretions: one red (hipposudoric acid) and one orange (norhipposudoric acid). Hippos have no actual sweat glands, but they do have mucus glands, which release an oily secretion frequently referred to as blood sweat. There are two distinct pigments in the secretion: one red (hipposudoric acid) and one orange (norhipposudoric acid). When this secretion first appears, it is colorless. Under the sun, it turns reddish-orange in minutes and then later turns brown. However, it is neither blood nor sweat. Blood sweat not only serves as a natural form of sunscreen and moisturizer for the animal’s sensitive skin but also offers tremendous antibiotic properties to protect hippos from harmful bacteria when they’re in the water.

In theory, when the hipposudoric acid (red) mixes with the milk (white), it produces a pink solution. But there is actually no evidence to suggest that this ever happens.

07. Relativity and Einstein

★ Einstein wasn’t the first to coin the term relativity. Galileo Galilei and Sir Issac Newton first gave the concept of classical relativity. Now the word Einstein is synonymous with genius.

— Sudip Karn


Baryonic matters or just ordinary matters are the kinds of matters that we can see, touch, feel, taste, observe like electrons,
protons, neutrons, atoms. Even our body, as well as everything visible around us, is baryonic matters. Whenever we take this entire universe into an account, we find the existence of a matter which is non-baryonic, popularly addressed as ‘Dark matter’. Dark matter doesn’t commonly react with an ordinary matter and even invisible to us. Scientists and cosmologists are pretty sure they exist though.


Audible Range Of Human Ear


How Convincing Is “The Big Bang ?”

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You have probably heard of the big bang as an event that gave rise to our universe. It occurred 13.8 billion years ago according to cosmologist. Basically , Big bang tells us that our universe evolved from very tiny dense ball to gigantic space. This sounds really ridiculous and pointless to many people. Is this theory fallacious or veracious?


In 1608, A Dutch spectacle maker named Hans Lipperhey invented an instrument that could magnify any object up to 3 times.   

Hans Lipphery

This was the first telescope-like device in the history of humankind. However, Historians are not absolutely sure who invented the telescope.


Is The Earth Really Flat ?

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The Flat Earth Theory 

image 13
The Flat Eath

The Flat Earth model is the Earth’s shape as a plane or disc. This had been believed by many ancient civilizations ( Greece, European, Indian, Chinese, Egyptians ) for a few centuries back. By around 330 BC, Plato’s former student Aristotle provided evidence for the sphericity of the earth. This discovery has shaped the future. Earth was the only planet that wasn’t named after Greek or Roman god or goddess.
In America,6.5 million people believe in flat Earth that includes high profile artists and athletes. There’s even a  community called ‘The Flat Earth’.The members of the community call themselves ‘The flat Earthers’. 

a man explaining about earth being flat
Mark Sargent

According to the Flat Earth Society’s leadership, its ranks have grown by 200 people (mostly Americans and Britons) per year since 2009 .They believe that contrary to everything that human species have learned over the centuries .

night owls

Night Owls VS. Early Birds. Which one are you?

night owls and early birds
Well, we, humans, are biological animals. Like any other animals, we, too, need to have rest and sleep. Every one of us sleep at a different time. Some of us might be night owls whereas some might be the early worms. Many of us have a tendency to rise early while the rest of us have a tendency to stay up late at night and wake up later in the mornings, as well.
Reason of Different Sleep Patterns
It isn’t entirely your fault. Rather, it’s partially your genes’ fault, too. If you’re constantly blaming yourself for always being unable to wake up early, do it. You can blame your parents for that. Our ancestry shows that, there were two different types of people in our family – earlier when we used to hunt down animals for food. There were those who stayed up all night to make sure their family members aren’t attacked by nocturnal predators and yet, there were those who wake up early to hunt down prey for their family. So, it’s entirely true that your sleep patterns are predetermined by the genes you carry.

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