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Why Doctors In Nepal Need To Watch HOUSE a.k.a House, M.D.

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House M.D.

Have you ever heard about the famous tv show called House M.D?
Prolly, not, yeah?
I’d never ever heard until last year when my elder brother literally forced me to watch the series.

Fight Sexism

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A night enlightened by moonbeams witnessed the conversation of students from two girls houses. The trees, flowers and watery tiny ponds seem to smile on the moonlit night. The aestheticity is unspeakable.
I have a complaint letter in my hand that was meant to be exposed to the administration ages back from 4000E girls.

I Saw The Universe In Her

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I was walking in the drizzle. High pitched roads with the euphonious music playing from my headphones made the walk more pleasant. The dark sky seemed to seek for eternity; so did my misery.

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