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What Happens On The Internet In Just A Minute | Sudip Karn |

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Internet, the network of networks that connects the entire world. Wikipedia describes a netizen as an individual who actively seeks to contribute to the development of the Internet or otherwise they are lurkers.


Esports As The Next Career Option ( Part I )

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Esports! So what is this you may be wondering so at first, let me clarify to you what it is. E-sports is a leading trend to show your talent. The talent to play video games on a competitive basis. Yes, a competition of playing video games.

Best Budget Phones In Nepal

There has been a high demand for midrange phones is 2020. The most looked price of phones on the web is under 30K NRS. Because of the high demand for such phones, we have selected the best budget phones for 2020. The phones having the best performance, processor, speed, endurance, decent sets of features, and crisp display are gonna be illustrated below.

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