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Esports As The Next Career Option ( Part I )

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Esports! So what is this you may be wondering so at first, let me clarify to you what it is. E-sports is a leading trend to show your talent. The talent to play video games on a competitive basis. Yes, a competition of playing video games.

It can make and has made many’s careers and trust me. They’ve earned millions just by sitting at a comfy chair and playing video games such as PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends and the counting goes on.

Admit it and I am pretty sure that once in your lifetime, your parents may have said that “My child if you play such games, it will ruin your health, it will ruin your life” but now it is the time you prove them that you can earn simply by playing games.

And not only on a competitive basis, but you can also create a YouTube channel, record your game-plays, post it on your channel and your viewers will learn the strategies through it. YouTube will pay you if you have many subscribers. And you may also go live and play games on live stream and you’ll get paid. Apart from YouTube, there are many other platforms to stream and post your game-plays such as Twitch, Nimo TV, Miner and many more.

E-sports is a place with no nepotism and no age limit. Yes, there’s no age limit. You may be 13 years old or 60 years old, you can participate and play. And guess what! There are many e-sports organisations around the world and if you and your team play well, you may be sponsored by them and you’ll receive a salary.

And the main point, it is cheap you don’t have to pay millions for your studies like a medical student then think, you just need a device (an android, a PC or a console) and an internet comnnection as well as you’ll enjoy your life. There’s a little bit of risk but as the proverb says, “You have to risk it for the biscuit?” If you practise a lot, you’ll probably be successful.

And, I know if you tell something about earning money through gaming and e-sports to your parents, they won’t believe it. So, just narrate this blog to them or give examples about various gamers such as Ninja, Pokimane, Mortal, Dr. Disrespect, etc.

And, it’s not the end. I’ll be back with the part 2 of this blog. Till then, stay tuned with Nepthage

— Umang Keshari

Best Budget Phones In Nepal

There has been a high demand for midrange phones is 2020. The most looked price of phones on the web is under 30K NRS. Because of the high demand for such phones, we have selected the best budget phones for 2020. The phones having the best performance, processor, speed, endurance, decent sets of features, and crisp display are gonna be illustrated below.

Alright, now let’s get started with some of the basic and most common criteria for mobile phones. For this amount, you will be expecting to get a good phone – one with great cameras, processor, latest OS, RAM, endurability.

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