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Eureka – An Open For All Poetry Competition | Register Now |

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“Eureka” – is an open-category and open-for all online English Poetry Competition organized by Nepthage, a recently launched website for young Nepali Amateur Writers in collaboration with Lokopakar, an organization for youths development, and BVS, a Kathmandu based educational institute. Note : Lokopakar and BVS are not related to each other in any way.

The rules for the competition are as follows:


Giveaway Offer ! Hurry Up !


Giveaway Offer

Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Hurry up!

We are doing a small giveaway from the side of Nepthage starting right now. The winners will get exciting gifts including recharge cards and PUBG Mobile UC.
Here’s the list of prizes you’ll get if you win.

1. First Prize- 325 PUBG UC Or Rs 600 Esewa TopUp
2. Second Prize -Recharge Card Worth Rs 350
3. Third Prize – 63 PUBG UC Or Rs 150 Esewa TopUp

4.Consolation Prize -Recharge Card Worth Rs 100

These are the rules you will have to follow:

1. For entering, like the official Nepthage page.
2. Like all of the posts made by the Nepthage page.
3. Share this post. And make sure the post is shared publicly.
4. Add a story of this post on your own Facebook  ID. Also, don’t forget to tag the page in your story.
5. The participants with the maximum number of shares of this post will be announced as winners. The shares made from your share must have to be made public. Or else it, won’t be counted.
6. The winners will be announced on 4th August 2020 at 6 p.m.
Consolation Prize – Recharge Card Worth Rs 100

P.S.: And for the peeps wondering, this is just a follow-up for the previous post of the same giveaway don’t worry, your efforts are still counted. *Wink*

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a moose


Dear Me,
Here’s why I am sinning by welcoming death. I have autism spectrum disorder aka Aspergers Syndrome which is a neurological development disorder and unfortunately has no treatment. Had I been diagnosed earlier, when I was still young, with different kinds of therapies including speech and occupational therapies and some antidepressants, my condition could have been improved but now that I have crossed 18, it’s practically impossible to treat this disease.
I can’t live an independent life. Therefore I am ending my life. You might call me an ego-centric person but trust me there’s no fault of mine for that. I was born that way. And the social anxiety, depression, and tension worsened my condition.

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