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I remember my first painting colors
The one my mom bought for me
When I was younger
Before that, I only had used
Pencil colors and sketch pens
Seeing those package of colors
I just felt something
I started dreaming about
All the beautiful paints
I would make with those
But anyway,

I was reluctant to use them
Because I loved it so much
Whenever I started painting I
would open them
But go back again
To my old usual colors
Cause remind you
I had never painted before
One day, I realized
My paints had just dried off
And it caught me by surprise
Because I had barely used it
But just like everything

With time,
It eventually dies
This is a lesson I learnt
To use the colors
While they are still fresh
And isn’t it funny
How it doesn’t make a difference
How tight we try
To hold onto something
We still lose it in the end
When it’s meant to be over🖤

Anzalee Sawad

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