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I step out of my house and see a little girl putting ‘ghungat’ on her head. Damn…
I step out of my house and see a teen girl forced to marry and compelled for baby son without being afraid. Again…

And the next time when I step out of my house, I stop.
I stop because these awful happenings occur non-stop.

So-called ‘Civilised Society’ , where we belong to,
Though live so many brutish people who treat girls like the monkeys in the zoo.
In our Nepal, there are 54.4 % girls in the total population.
And most belong to the south of the nation.

But these girls are rarely given the freedom,
The freedom to go high and high to beat the drum;
That could explore thousands of their dreams.
But instead they are kept in the space that does not allow them to bleam.

She is considered unlucky when born.
In the family, she is called thorn.
Her brothers go to private schools,
She just dreams to go to private schools.

When she steps the teen age , she is not allowed to go out,
And if she insists, she is beaten out loud.
And after some years, she is pushed on to the fire of marriage,
Where she is treated like a bird in the golden cage.

Her dreams are tangled
And the heart gets wrinkled.
She is called ‘Madhesi Keti’ despite being a Nepali.
More humiliating than this, what could be?

Enough is enough!

You keep making fun of us.
You keep ignoring the strength inside us.
You live in ‘Civilised Society’ but your thinking is really small.
And it’s not like we can’t do the things that you guys call.

And yes, there’s nothing with the gender.
We can also be the founder.
Once imagine you were us,
Your imagination will make your heart disperse.

To tell you the truth,

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