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I hold my head high
Before me bows the peaks of Himalayas
Mighty are the cries
Those that hail deafening skies and universes
Traveling eons beyond moons and stars and galaxies
Piercing the earth and heaven
Shaking the throne of Indra
They all sound like mere showtunes to me.

I destroy everything that comes in my way
I dance in crazy beats
No mortal can hear them
There is the verve even when I’m done
I dance at my will, I dance when I should
The vigour of my dance compares to none
I sing the tunes of rejoice, I sing the tunes of strain.
I sing them for destruction till everything is gone.

I do whatever my heart desires
Wrestle with death, embrace enemies
I am the pandemic that threatens all land
I am the ruler who vanquishes over all and
Gets what I want.
I cause restless slaughter with a snap of my hand.
Mighty are the cries
I still hold my head high

Maneo, Quid Agit?
I can no longer feel myself.
The prerogatives of my sheer imperium
This must be a call from the King of Terrors
The one who is much stronger than me.
I don’t feel so safe anymore
In fact, I feel uneasy, anxious and nauseous.
Is this what it feels like?
I can finally fathom all the wails, cries and the prayers
I think I know what they mean.
I’ve never felt this pathos.
This might just be what they call pathei mathos

I suddenly discovered myself, untied are my chains.
I am singing in euphoric joys, this is insane, I’m insane.
I am the rise, I am the fall, and I am the alertness of comatose mentality
I am the insignia on the gate of this world, the triumphant pennant of humanity.
I shall bring peace by relieving this world of war thirsty clans
I am the plough of the crofter of civilization
I deracinate servitude and shall bring in parity.
I shall bow my head down until I get what I want.

When the wails of those oppressed do not echo in skies and in spheres
When the fights for rights do not echo the sounds of shankanad
When the kneels of solidarity do not echo the sounds of ricochets
When the pleas of delinquents only echo between the walls of correction
Only then would I again hold my head high!
Only then would I again hold my head high!

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