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You should’ve been born as a son
You are here to spoil your family’s reputation
You are a product of your mother’s misdone
I wish I had a son.

She’s a girl teach her how to cook
Do you want her in laws to be shook
Teach her the world is biased
She must learn to stay quiet

You are a girl, sit like a girl
You are so thin, eat something
You are so fat, go on a diet
Don’t you dare eat carbs
It’s only going to make you fat

Don’t wear your skirts up high
It should always be below your thighs
She is not even thin
And look at her showing so much skin

Wearing sorts , showing her thighs!
She definitely wants to be noticed by guys I
f she gets raped It’s not a matter of surprise!

You have so small chest
They aren’t the best.
Oh boy you’ve grown
you will have a hard time walking alone

She is so ugly
Neither her body is lovely.
She doesn’t even wear makeup
Ohh boy , she needs to buckle up.

She said being an actress is her aim
Comm’on she’s a girl she can’t handle the fame
Going to work should stop
Looking after your house , your family and your husband should be your only job.

Looking for a girl for my son
She must be a virgin or else she is not even an option
You’re not married and you have a baby
You have completely destroyed the reputation of your family.
You have only given them pain and tragedy

I heard that her husband cheated on her
It must be her fault , maybe she couldn’t fulfill his desire!
Jesus, She got a divorce
Her entire life is a remorse!

Shush! I don’t want any embarrassment
So what if you had to face harassment
The world is biased and violent
You need to stay silent

The world never fails to
make me feel like a prisoner in my own body
It seems like eradicating misogyny has never been this world’s priority!
The world doesn’t realize That victim blaming shouldn’t be normalized

It makes me sad
That the terror and agonize
I see in my mother’s eyes
When I’m home an hour late can only be alleviated !

Thousands to support his lies
None to hear her cries
None to help her rise
Thousands to shush her in his wrongs
None to help her fight for her rights

It’s a sad reality
That we live in a world
where a misogynist is praised
While a feminist is considered a disgrace

There hasn’t been a day when I’m not called nasty names
There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t ignored those whistles
I am tired of all the cat calls
When, when will the world stop treating us like a doll

I am tired of living in a world
Where the hands that join in front of a female god
Don’t tremble or stop
While hurting a girl.

I am forced to surrender
Only because of my gender
If this continues,
How will the world get any better

I am not born with fire
That can easily be put out
I will shout
For my rights , I will fight
Weather it is or isn’t ladylike !

The world is violent
But now we can’t remain silent
Enough is enough
The fight to support the rights has begun
Soon we will shine as bright as the sun
Even though we are surrounded by a typhoon
Soon, we all will shine as bright as the moon.

–Shreya Malla

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