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In a shelter for my lips.
I am in a desire, a desire for having a shelter for my lips,
a desire to accompany my lips with hers, and in a desire to be a
procrastinator for her succulent lips.
The dramatic enjoyment
by pressing her hands,
the relief after that racy evening.

Andnalso, the solace from the laughs,
the argument for her existence in my life,
just clutching the jiff in the shelter of my lips along
with her succulent lip piled over mine.
Outside the scene nature showing her way,
taking leaves, crying of the flowers for
their frail buds but, we in sync with,
feeling the warm breath of
each other’s,
twisting tongues inside her mouth.

The mind saying to stop but we listening to our suffered heart.
We capture the moment of rapture till the moment we couldn’t
the public staring at us but we, exploring deeper inside
our juicy lips.

From the remedy of that succulent thing,
we trying to remove the tittle of delicate from our suffered heart.
And then she leaves me putting me over my sky and letting me
fly over her alluring looks.
She left me with the feeling of her tongue.
But we reminiscing about the belch while exploring the
shelter but making it a success.

And after the cure of our heart, the alluring town offered me
that alluring girl for one more time and my heart with the brain
was again enjoyed with the title of delicate after the same
the moment I enter to the shelter of my lips with her succulent lips,
but this time nature showed its way inversely to the last timeand in that place aside the lake, I again started to explore the
succulent lips.

Oh, baby, I am reminiscing it by being in the heaven sitting aside
the gods and seeing you letting other explorer, explore shelter
of my lips.

— Sandesh Kayastha

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  1. Archit Dhakal

    I Love it and the view when it says he was seeing her kissing to others after his death in sarcastic way
    I would love getting more of his creation

  2. Rosy shrestha

    Good one @sandesh Kayastha

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