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Sitting in her room, facing the mirror
This feeling can’t get anymore queerer.
What she saw was not her reflection
But flaws that she’d began to question.

Why do I have such sunken eyes
Despite all that makeup she buys
How will she fix that crooked nose
The cracked up skin and on she goes.

On the wall, next to her flaws
Was an old memory of what she was.
A little girl with the sweetest smile
The happiest she’d been in a while.

When did the fear of snakes and rats
Turn into a fear of carbs and fats.
What made her mind change this way
Oh is it “what would people say?”

Told her she wouldn’t please their eyes
If she had bigger arms or thighs
Told her what’s the ideal size
Like a fool, she believed all those lies.

There she sat with her fists balled up
Whispered to herself, enough is enough.
Step aside and turn around
She won’t let the little girl down.

Washed down the pink and the paint
Down with it went the social restraint.
Her body is hers and hers only
She had herself, could never be lonely.

Once again, she faced the mirror
But this time, she could see it clearer.
Without the social obstructive screen,
The happy little kid aged thirteen.

–Poddar Shikha

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