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I recently got to know the new word, “Mathemagician”, one who does magic with Mathematics.
So, I thought, why not give the title, “Mathemagician” to our society?

For our society seems to have lots of interests on mathematics,
Who counts,
The whites on my hair,
The freckles on my face,
The unwaxed hairs on my legs;
And all the imperfections that my body holds.

I’m amazed by our Society’s outstanding knowledge on Geometry,
Who measures,
The curl of my hair,
The arch of my breast,
The bulk of my belly,
The curve of my hip,
And how perfectly;
Measures the angle between my two legs when I sit!

And also, the extreme knowledge on Statistics,
Which measures,
every inches of my body,
And plots them on the graph of “Body Shame” !

And using all the algebraic and arithmetic intellects,
Constantly pushes me to be perfect,
And constantly gives me countless reasons to not to exist;
Because there’s no room for imperfection in mathematics–
You don’t get full marks if you miss some plus -minus – multiplication – division- and any signs on the problem, do you?
Maybe, this exactly works this way!

But hey dear society;
May I tell you a thing?
I’m so much more than your mathematical intelligence.

I’m made up of all the celestial bodies.
My heart, is so big that your any geometrical instruments cannot do the measurement.

My mind, comprises all the knowledge in the world, that your mathematical humour may not perceive.

You keep me tamed in the taboo of “GIRLS DON’T SPEAK”;
But you don’t know, when I speak my thoughts to the stars, silently at night, they gleam a little more brighter.
My each utterances, may puzzle the universe of yours.


Ah, I heard about my backbiting because of my back yesterday because I was traveling in a bike wearing a crop top;
Now tell me,“ Did I make you easy to calculate the slope of my vertebrae and waist?
Did you use the same Y= mx+c formula, or you didn’t need that?

Hey dear ill society;
I’m epitome of self love and I have got my own back to not to care about your slanderings ; Keep talking to my back!!

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  1. Parsuram Rai

    Really remarkable! Keep it up!

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