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Uncertainty Of Life | A Must Read | Poem |

I am so depressed and I am so happy.
I am so proud and I am so ashamed.
I feel loved and I feel hollow.
I feel stressed and I feel relieved.
I work a lot and I don’t work at all.
I help people and I don’t help people at all.


Do We Treat Depression Well Enough?

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Are we sure we know the actual meaning of depression? Every time we overthink and fall into some kind of tension, we usually conclude it as depression. But is it what we actually think it is or do we need to have a note on it.

About 250 million people globally are into depression and guess what most of the cases are found to be between the age group of 15 to 29. This chronic illness even leads to suicide. About 800,000 people die every year due to this depression and yes again, the rate is highest among the youngsters.


Is COVID-19 Causing Depression ?


In this turbulent time, the greatest work you can do is to keep yourself refrained from all the works that you do on a daily basis. A human being, or put in modern terms, a moving machine which basically works between 12-18hrs a day, now has been put to rest. Whenever a machine gets unused for a month, the machine becomes a commonplace of different kinds of problems. And, the same goes for Homo sapiens, a species which has never learned to rest. These Homo sapiens have suddenly been bound to remain within the walls of their homes. Being refined in one’s own home may fix one problem I.e. Covid-19 but, may invite another problem called “Depression”

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