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How Does Science work? Laws Vs Facts Vs Theories.

Science is derived from the Latin word ‘Scientia’, which means knowledge, so you can kinda/sorta say that every subject is the branch of knowledge/Science. There’s an old saying that Wisdom and learning come from observing the world around us, which encompasses the definition of knowledge. However, Science works on scientific methods: facts, observation, analysis, hypothesis, experiments, verification, reviews, and so on. Science basically is the systematic knowledge about how the things in the universe work followed by proofs and evidence. Knowledge without factual conclusions may not be universal or rather based on just observation fueled by numerous speculations and conjectures. Some people think the world is flat, despite a lot of images revealed by space agencies. Roads are flat. Oceans are mostly flat. Poor Science will tell you that the Earth is flat. We also have climate skeptics. The only reason behind all these skepticism is that we are only taught sciences in highschool or college, but not how it works/functions.

Facts That No One Told You

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01. Vaginal fart

★ A girl can have vaginal farts or vaginal flatulence or vaginal gas or “queefing,” which is just the release of air trapped inside the vagina. It can vary considering a woman’s age, sexual activeness, sweat, feminine hygiene products, tense muscles, etc. Vaginal fart may or may not produce sound. It’s a fairly common phenomenon for anyone with a vagina, at any age. Even our nose farts.

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