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The Black Tika | Poem | Sandesh Kayastha

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I am in a belief;

belief to gaze all day and night; gaze at her curve,

curve of the lips and,

curl of her hair

that’s my girl with black tika.

तिनपाते माया | कविता |

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नागबेली झै केश,
जुनेलि रात झै चम्किलो मुहार,
सागर झै गहिरा आँखा,
अनि कर्कलाका पातमा टिलपिल टिलपिल सितका थाेपा जस्तै ओठ। 

Anecdote Of My Every Night | Poem | Sandesh Kayastha |

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When world sleeps,

You come to my dream,

To feel each other shadows,

To make me listen whispering of your laughter,

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