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Is COVID-19 Causing Depression ?


In this turbulent time, the greatest work you can do is to keep yourself refrained from all the works that you do on a daily basis. A human being, or put in modern terms, a moving machine which basically works between 12-18hrs a day, now has been put to rest. Whenever a machine gets unused for a month, the machine becomes a commonplace of different kinds of problems. And, the same goes for Homo sapiens, a species which has never learned to rest. These Homo sapiens have suddenly been bound to remain within the walls of their homes. Being refined in one’s own home may fix one problem I.e. Covid-19 but, may invite another problem called “Depression”

how it feels to die at 18

Do You Know How It Feels To Die At 18?

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Do you know how it feels to die at 18?
Do I? Not really; I died at 23.
I can tell you how I felt when I left home at 18, though.
I was heartbroken.
I would hug my mother every 5 minutes before I left home.
and cry.

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