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I am not in search of love of my life,
Indeed, I am in search of you, my soul.

I know you are filled with gratitude and kindness for each new lovely day,
And that gratitude is the only attitude that I flaunt in mysterious way.

No doubt, you are fantastic creation
There is nothing to complain about any of your feature.

I agree that most of the times I need reassurance
Because I really don’t guarantee my own acceptance.

Whenever I feel stressed
It is deep inside you who make me feel superblessed.

Whenever I become hopeless
it’s you who fill me with admiration.

You have filled my mind full of affirmations
With you, I easily avoid any sort of distractions.

You always are partaker of my happiness
And yes you are lord of more true gentleness.

See, chills ran up my arms
So powerful you are my love charm.

I don’t understand how people feel depressed
Is it because, self conversation and soul searching is what that they suppress?

I hope you appreciate being appreciated
I hope you will overhear my pleasure
Because I do believe every soul is a box of treasure.

Gratitude, always
Always, gratitude
To you my soul
You are the only one to heal and console.

I gracefully promise you to love you forever and ever my soul
Blessed, satisfied and happy life with you is ultimate goal of my life.

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