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The Buddha Who Sat Under The Synthetic Tree

buddha under a tree

Long ago, when I was young and innocent
I would witness with astonishment
The malice, anguish, and flames of their face,
The venom of their tongue
Death, disease, misery, and pain
I found them, all, hard to understand.

Then, they told me about enlightenment
I heard that Buddha got enlightenment
Dazzling stars brightened up his soul
And with his bright face, he enlightened the world.

What did he get? What did enlightenment him?
I too wanted to get enlightened; so, I asked.
‘Where can I get enlightenment ?’
‘Where is my enlightenment star?’
In the sky? Or perhaps in the Hollywood?
Or on the top of a Christmas tree?

Up: down: north: south: east: west?
Maybe it’s always in front of me?
Do you see it?
It was all when I was young; I was innocent.

Now the situations are upside down
I am mellowed; I am selfish
Confusions have all turned to an injury
Light all around has gone out of sight;
Days have all been occupied with
Thoughts of how should and can
Where is my dream? Where is my joy?

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