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I am so depressed and I am so happy.
I am so proud and I am so ashamed.
I feel loved and I feel hollow.
I feel stressed and I feel relieved.
I work a lot and I don’t work at all.
I help people and I don’t help people at all.

I know people and I don’t know anyone at all.
I know everything about myself and I know nothing about myself.
I read a lot and yet I know nothing.

I have a script
I don’t have a script.
I am a train.
I have the railway tracks.
But they are broken.
My wheels are damaged and rusted.
I will reach the station.
I will not reach the station.
But, my train will ultimately reach the destination.

I have faith in God.
I don’t have faith in superstitious beliefs.
I respect sage, priest, Father, Lord, Allah, Monk, Ishwor and all
I don’t respect ego-centric beneficiary actions of them.
I trust in people.
I don’t trust their malice.

I am depressed and happy.
Depression is my past.
Depression is my present.
Depression is my future.
Depression is my regret.
Depression is my honor.
I will die depressed.
And I will die satisfied.

-Kuldeep Keshari

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