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I am at the center of stage
I am in the spotlight
Calm and composed, but a bit horrified
as I proceed, I close my eyes
and I see his face
the same face of the man
Sitting in the audience,
whose head is held high,
eyes filled with fears
but his face has the brightest smile
honest and unfiltered
this curve in his face crinkles his eyes
that recites the stories of my strength,
and his journey of miles

He says when I was born
he had forgotten the plight of ragged clothes,
and the slippers that were torn
His happiness had no measures
and when he held me for the first time
That feeling he says, he still treasures
But he never tells me,
it was the same day
an old trembling dream faded in the dust
because now he had new hopes to trust
new priorities to fulfill,
and many sacrifices to make
He never tells me,
about the nights he spent awake
empty stomach, incomplete sleep
how he worked in sweat and blood,
to let my dreams take a leap

I stand here today
with a wide smile on my face
the audience cheer and applause
As I complete my say
all the glories and praises
I owe it all to my only fan
I am grateful for this life
as I am a living legacy to this man
One day, I know,
I will break those glass ceilings
behind my every success stories
there is my father who believes.

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  2. Sujana Ghimire

    Beautifully written !

  3. Go girlllllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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