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You just watch!
when I start to sing, you just watch!
it will be insane
cuz the stars will fall as rain
because they have sensed my pain
which underwent through all my vein
and if I start to cry
even the god will tell the lie
cuz he knows that I cant hear the truth again.

when i start to paint,
you just watch! slowly the colours will fade out
cuz they know if i do, I’ll spill all my heart into
& it will be harder for me
to head out i will unsee the mess thats laid out, infront of me.
Still got feelings to splayed out
& never realize this heart has been played out.

when I start to blame,
you just listen!
the voices in my head,
wet pillows on my bed will enflame
and claim cuz every night they fail to explain, me.
that it’s now lame to have flame
of getting back to the same
even after all these of what we’ve became.

when I start to write,
you just watch! how my hands will shake
cuz they’ve known how it feels
when been held they were like sheilds
& now all the warmth is gone
they feel like burned, they feel like torn
been suffering too long for doing nothing wrong
but what hurts most is seeing you unconcerned.

— Thapa Monicaa

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